Ruger Single-Six Convertible Single-Action Revolver in Stainless Steel




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Cartridge or Gauge: .22 Long Rifle
Finish: Stainless Steel
Stock Color: Rosewood

The rugged reliability, and the safe carrying characteristics of the Ruger® Single-Six® Convertible Single-Action Revolver make it a superb sidearm to take along on most outdoor adventures, including backpacking, fishing, and big game hunting. The Single-Six is also a fun gun for plinking, and a great choice for teaching shooters the fundamentals of handgun shooting. Ruger’s patented Transfer Bar mechanism provides a block between the hammer and firing pin until the hammer is fully cocked all the way to the rear and the trigger is pulled. With the hammer down over a loaded chamber, the Single-Six can be dropped directly on the hammer with no chance of the revolver firing—an important feature for a sidearm carried in rough country. The frame, cylinder, and barrel are constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel for ease of maintenance in any environment. The Ruger Single-Six Convertible comes with 2 cylinders; one that is compatible for shooting .22 Long Rifle, Long, and Short, the other for shooting .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). The 2 interchangeable cylinders provide tremendous versatility for hunting and protection with one firearm, as well as finding compatible ammo in times of scarcity. The Ruger Single-Six Single-Action Revolver comes with a fixed, ramp front sight that facilitates drawing the sidearm from a holster, and an adjustable rear sight that can be precisely dialed in for hitting small targets with various types of ammunition. The Ruger Single-Six has been one of the quintessential firearms for the outdoors for over a half a century. Made in USA.

  • Superb sidearm for outdoor adventures
  • Stainless steel frame, barrel, and cylinder
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable cylinders
  • Fixed, ramp front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Fixed, ramp front sight
  • Transfer Bar mechanism


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