New! Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun

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New! Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun

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Unmatched Performance and Comfort

Experience the pinnacle of shotgun engineering with the Winchester ® SX4 ® Hybrid Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun. Crafted with precision and innovation, this shotgun embodies the perfect balance of performance and comfort. Its slimmer and lighter design, combined with improved ergonomics, ensures unparalleled maneuverability and handling. Whether you’re navigating dense upland terrain or marshy environments, the Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter remains steadfast, offering a seamless shooting experience.

  • Slimmer and lighter design for enhanced maneuverability
  • Ergonomic improvements for superior handling and comfort
  • Durable FDE Cerakote finish for lasting performance in diverse conditions

Effortless Precision and Control

Dominate every shot with the Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter’s advanced features engineered for precision and control. Redesigned operating controls provide swift and intuitive access, empowering you to stay focused on your target. The self-adjusting active valve gas system optimizes performance, effortlessly cycling a wide range of shotshells with flawless reliability. From standard 2-3/4″ loads to heavy magnum rounds, experience consistent performance and unmatched control with every shot.

  • Larger, redesigned operating controls for intuitive access
  • Self-adjusting active valve gas system ensures reliable performance
  • Quadra-Vent™ ports regulate bolt speed for consistent cycling

Unrivaled Versatility and Adaptability

Step into the realm of versatility with the Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun. Designed to excel in diverse shooting scenarios, this shotgun offers unparalleled adaptability and precision. Its back-bored, chrome-plated barrel, coupled with Invector-Plus™ choke tubes, delivers exceptional shot patterns, making it ideal for both short-range encounters and long-range shots. With the TRUGLO® fiber-optic front sight, acquire targets swiftly and with precision, even in challenging lighting conditions.

  • Back-bored, chrome-plated barrel for superior shot patterns
  • Invector-Plus choke tubes ensure versatility for various shooting scenarios
  • TRUGLO fiber-optic front sight enhances target acquisition in any lighting condition

The SX4 Hybrid Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun uses proven Invector-Plus™ choke tubes that works hand-in-hand with the back-bored, chrome-plated barrel to reduce shot deformation and promote the uniform shot patterns you need to take long range shots. A TRUGLO® fiber-optic front sight shows up boldly in a variety of light conditions. A reversible cross-bolt safety button is located on the rear of the trigger guard for quick access, and the trigger group easily drops out for field cleaning. Includes 3 chokes: F, M, IC.

  • Slimmer and lighter with improved ergonomics
  • Larger, redesigned operating controls
  • Self-adjusting active valve gas system
  • Cycles 2-3/4″–3-1/2″ shotshells
  • TRUGLO fiber-optic front sight
  • 3 Invector-Plus choke tubes
  • Back-bored, chrome-plated barrel
  • Composite stock with camo finish
  • Inflex Technology recoil pad
  • Aluminum alloy receiver
  • Durable FDE Cerakote on all metal surfaces


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