New! Winchester Renegade Long-Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle


New! Winchester Renegade Long-Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle

New! Winchester Renegade Long-Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle

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The Winchester Renegade Long-Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle is engineered to excel in long-distance shooting scenarios, offering a blend of cutting-edge features for unparalleled accuracy and performance. Crafted with precision, this rifle boasts an advanced Grayboe Renegade Long-Range stock, characterized by its enhanced vertical-profile pistol grip and undercut buttstock. These ergonomic enhancements ensure superior control and stability across various shooting positions.

At the heart of its design is a free-floated, button-rifled barrel with a target crown, meticulously engineered to deliver consistent, precise shots. The barrel’s 5/8″x24 thread pitch allows for easy attachment of accessories, while its nonreflective Perma-Cote matte-black finish reduces glare and enhances concealment in the field.

The rifle’s bolt mechanism is coated with nickel PTFE, ensuring smooth operation and reliability in any condition. Complementing the impeccable build is the M.O.A. trigger system, which offers a light yet consistent trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and shot placement.

Safety is paramount, and the Winchester XPR 2-position safety mechanism guarantees quiet and reliable performance, enabling shooters to maintain maximum stealth while ensuring tactile safety.

Overall, the Winchester Renegade Long-Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle sets a new standard for long-distance precision and versatility, making it an ideal choice for shooters who demand exceptional performance in their firearms.

The M.O.A. trigger system offers a consistent, yet light trigger pull, and the Winchester XPR® 2-position safety ensures reliable and quiet field performance for maximum stealth and tactile safety.

  • Designed for long-distance accuracy and performance
  • Advanced Grayboe Renegade Long-Range stock
  • Improved, vertical-profile pistol grip
  • Undercut buttstock
  • Free-floated, button-rifled, and target-crowned barrel
  • Threaded barrel (5/8″x24)
  • Nonreflective Perma-Cote-finished barrel and receiver
  • Nickel PTFE-coated bolt
  • M.O.A. trigger system
  • Winchester XPR 2-position safety


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