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New! Taurus Raging Hunter Revolver – .357 Magnum/.38 Special – Matte Black


New! Taurus Raging Hunter Revolver – .357 Magnum/.38 Special – Matte Black

New!Taurus Raging Hunter Revolver - .357 Magnum/.38 Special - Matte Black

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Unleash the Power of Big-Bore Precision

Precision at Every Shot

Experience the thrill of precision hunting with the Taurus Raging Hunter ® Revolver. Crafted for the modern hunter, this revolver boasts a big-bore design that ensures each shot counts.

  • Precision engineering for unmatched accuracy
  • Powerful big-bore caliber for maximum impact
  • Ideal for hunters seeking precision in every shot

Masterful Recoil Control

Say goodbye to recoil-induced inaccuracies. The Raging Hunter features a tuned, ported barrel that significantly reduces recoil, allowing you to maintain pinpoint accuracy even under intense conditions.

  • Tuned porting minimizes recoil for enhanced control
  • Enjoy steady aim and consistent performance
  • Dominate the field with superior recoil management

Comfort and Stability in Your Hands

Ergonomically designed for comfort and stability, the Raging Hunter comes equipped with cushioned grips that ensure a secure hold, shot after shot.

  • Cushioned grips provide superior comfort and control
  • Designed for extended hunting sessions without fatigue
  • Maintain a firm grip for precise shooting in any condition

The barrel features tuned porting to reduce recoil. The cushioned grips also assist in mitigating recoil. Taurus gives you iron sights with an adjustable rear sight and a Picatinny rail ready for your choice in handgun scope or red-dot scope. If you’re looking for a handgun for an upcoming hunt, Taurus offers just that with the Raging Hunter.

  • Big-bore hunting caliber
  • Tuned, ported barrel
  • Cushioned grips
  • Adjustable rear iron sight
  • Integral top Picatinny rail



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