New! Sig Sauer P320-XTEN Full-Size Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol


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New! Sig Sauer P320-XTEN Full-Size Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol

New! Sig Sauer P320-XTEN Full-Size Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol

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Optics Ready: Enhance Your Accuracy with Precision Optics

Upgrade your shooting experience with the Sig Sauer ® P320-XTEN Full-Size Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol chambered in 10mm. This model is engineered with an optics-ready slide that is precision-cut and drilled to seamlessly integrate Sig Romeo2 and Trijicon RMR optics. The XRAY 3 Day/Night sights ensure clear sight alignment in any lighting condition, enhancing your accuracy and target acquisition speed.

Redesigned Ergonomic Grip: Comfort Meets Control

The Sig Sauer P320-XTEN features an all-new polymer grip designed for optimal ergonomics and performance. The slimming design and solid grip provide comfort during extended shooting sessions, while the enlarged beavertail and high-tang grip ensure a secure hold and mitigate recoil. The high undercut trigger guard lowers the bore axis, improving recoil management and providing a stable shooting platform, especially when firing the powerful 10mm round.

Superior Performance: Engineered for Precision

Experience the next level of performance with the Sig Sauer P320-XTEN’s innovative features. The 5″ bull barrel enhances accuracy and provides consistent shot placement, making it ideal for competitive shooting and self-defense. The flat-faced X-series trigger offers a crisp 90º break, delivering smooth, responsive trigger pulls. Front and rear slide serrations, along with an integral accessory rail, add to the pistol’s functionality and ease of use.

On the XTEN, you get a beautiful angle cut down the length of the slide and enhanced cocking serrations on the front and rear of the slide. The slide is topped off with XRAY 3 Day/Night sights. The optics-ready slide is cut and drilled to accommodate use of the Sig Romeo2 and Trijicon RMR optic. This P320 comes with a reversible magazine release and an ambidextrous slide release. The flat trigger feels excellent and breaks at a beautiful 90º.

  • Optics ready
  • Redesigned ergonomic grip
  • High undercut
  • 5″ bull barrel
  • XRAY 3 Day/Night sights
  • Flat-faced X-series trigger
  • Front and rear slide serrations
  • Integral accessory rail
  • Reversible magazine catch
  • Ambi slide release


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