New! Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light .380 Auto 50 Grain Handgun Ammo



New! Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light .380 Auto 50 Grain Handgun Ammo

New! Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light .380 Auto 50 Grain Handgun Ammo

Unmatched Stopping Power in a Compact Package

Experience the next level of self-defense with Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light .380 Auto 50 Grain Handgun Ammo. Despite its compact size, this ammunition delivers more kinetic energy than many larger calibers, such as the 45 Auto. Reach velocities of up to 1500 feet per second and trust that each shot will have a substantial impact. Designed to maximize stopping power, the open-cavity bullet design ensures devastating terminal performance, making it the ultimate defense round for your .380 Auto.

Advanced Design for Superior Performance

Liberty Ammunition combines cutting-edge technology with practical design to offer you unparalleled performance. The 2-piece nickel alloy shell is not only lightweight but also twice as strong as traditional brass casings, reducing the overall weight while enhancing durability. This innovative design reduces muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots and greater accuracy. The ammunition’s ability to create rifle-caliber-sized temporary cavities through hydraulic pressure and the fragmentation of the bullet into a starburst pattern ensures multiple wound channels, significantly increasing the stopping power and reducing the risk of over-penetration.

Enhanced Safety and Handling

Safety and ease of handling are paramount with the Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light .380 Auto. The lighter-weight projectiles minimize recoil, making it easier to maintain control and accuracy during rapid firing sequences. This is particularly beneficial in high-stress self-defense situations where every shot counts. The nickel alloy casing’s increased strength also means that it can withstand higher pressures, providing reliability and consistency with every shot. Whether you are an experienced shooter or new to self-defense, this ammunition offers a perfect balance of power, control, and safety.

The bullet fragments into a starburst pattern and continues to create multiple wound channels. This reduces the chance of over-penetration. The lighter weight of the projectile reduces muzzle flip. The 2-piece nickel alloy shell features twice the strength of brass at half the weight.

  • 50 grain open-cavity bullet
  • 1500 FPS
  • Can create rifle-caliber-sized temporary cavities
  • Creates multiple wound channels
  • Reduces the chance of over-penetration
  • Lighter-weight projectiles reduce recoil
  • Lightweight 2-piece nickel alloy casing


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