New! Federal Upland Steel Shotshells


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New! Federal Upland Steel Shotshells

New! Federal Upland Steel Shotshells

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Precision and Power: Unmatched Performance for Hunters

Elevate your hunting experience with Federal ® Upland Steel Shotshells. Designed for ultimate precision, these shotshells deliver consistently tight patterns, ensuring you finish your target with a single, clean shot. The high velocities provide the speed and power needed to take down hard-to-hit, high-flying birds, making every shot count. Whether you’re hunting dove or upland game, Federal® Upland Steel Shotshells offer the performance and reliability that experienced hunters demand. Enjoy a superior shooting experience with these high-quality steel payloads that won’t break the bank.

Environmentally Friendly and Lead-Free

Hunt responsibly with Federal ® Upland Steel Shotshells. These lead-free shotshells are the ideal choice for hunters who prioritize environmental stewardship. Perfect for areas where lead shot is prohibited, these steel shotshells offer an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on performance. You can hunt with confidence, knowing that you are protecting wildlife and preserving natural habitats. The quality steel payloads ensure reliable performance, making these shotshells a smart choice for the conscientious hunter.

Consistent and Reliable: The Choice of Professionals

Federal® Upland Steel Shotshells are trusted by professional hunters for their consistent performance and reliability. Each round is engineered to deliver dependable results, shot after shot. The high velocities and tight patterns make these shotshells a top choice for hunting upland game. With Federal® Upland Steel Shotshells, you can be confident in your equipment, knowing that each shot will perform as expected. Join the ranks of seasoned hunters who rely on Federal for their ammunition needs and experience the difference in your hunting success.

This shotgun round boasts consistently tight patterns, consistent performance, and high velocities that hunters need for hard-to-hit, high-flying birds, without breaking the bank. This lead-free, steel shotgun ammo is ideal for dove and upland game hunting, especially in areas where lead shot is prohibited.

  • Quality steel payloads
  • High velocities
  • Reliable performance
  • Lead-free


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