New! Canik TTI Combat Semi-Automatic Pistol – 9mm


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New! Canik TTI Combat Semi-Automatic Pistol – 9mm

New! Canik TTI Combat Semi-Automatic Pistol - 9mm

Mastercrafted Frame by Taran Butler

Unleash your potential with the Canik TTI Combat Semi-Automatic Pistol, where precision meets innovation. Crafted under the discerning eye of Taran Butler, the polymer frame boasts a unique grip texture, offering unparalleled control and comfort. Engineered for champions, this frame sets a new standard in ergonomic design, ensuring every shot feels effortless and every movement instinctual.

Enhanced Performance Barrel and Compensator

Experience superior performance with the TTI Combat’s ported and fluted barrel, meticulously engineered to optimize accuracy and reduce recoil. Partnered with Canik’s groundbreaking compensator, this dynamic duo delivers stability and control, allowing you to stay on target with lightning-fast precision. Dominate the competition and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

Precision Trigger and Innovative Slide Lock

Elevate your shooting experience with the TTI Combat’s flat-faced trigger featuring a 90º break and diamond checkering. Designed for responsiveness and consistency, every pull is crisp and predictable, empowering you to shoot with confidence and accuracy. Plus, with the modified slide lock design, you can effortlessly manipulate your firearm, ensuring seamless operation in any situation.

The polymer frame with unique grip texture was designed by Taran Butler himself. The TTI Combat features a ported and fluted barrel, Canik’s first compensator for recoil reduction, and flat-faced trigger with a 90º break and diamond checkering. The newly-designed slide lock is easy to find and push for use as a slide release. An optics cut is designed to accept several optics including the Trijicon RMR and SRO. You’ll get machined-aluminum TTI +3 magazine base pads, a custom holster, a hard case, and a commemorative challenge coin.

  • Frame is designed by Taran Butler
  • Ported and fluted barrel
  • Compensator
  • Flat-faced trigger with a 90º break and diamond checkering
  • Modified slide lock design
  • Optics cut and optics plate
  • TTI +3 base pads
  • Custom holster
  • Hard case
  • Challenge coin



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