New! Browning Citori CX Over/Under Shotgun with Adjustable Comb – 32″ Barrels

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New! Browning Citori CX Over/Under Shotgun with Adjustable Comb – 32″ Barrels

New!Browning Citori CX Over/Under Shotgun with Adjustable Comb - 32" Barrels

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Precision and Performance: The Ultimate Shotgun Experience

Achieve Unmatched Accuracy with the Browning Citori CX

Experience the thrill of perfect accuracy with the Browning ® Citori ® CX Over/Under Shotgun. Built to excel in both upland bird hunting and clay shooting, this versatile firearm ensures a superior shooting experience. With a 60/40 point of impact, you can effortlessly float the target, enhancing your sight picture and precision. The Graco adjustable comb allows for a personalized fit, ensuring comfort and stability for every shot. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a competitive shooter, the Browning Citori CX delivers the performance and reliability you need to succeed.

Elegant Craftsmanship: A Blend of Beauty and Function

Stylish and Durable Design

The Browning Citori CX is not just a powerhouse of performance; it is also a work of art. Featuring a machined steel receiver and a polished blued finish, this shotgun combines durability with aesthetic appeal. The Grade II American walnut stock, finished with a high-gloss oil, adds a touch of elegance, while the checkering on the grip and forend ensures a secure hold. Every detail of the Citori CX is meticulously crafted to provide not only superior functionality but also an impressive visual appeal. This shotgun is designed to be a prized possession in any gun enthusiast’s collection.

Enhanced Comfort and Quick Follow-Up Shots

Innovative Recoil Technology and Customizable Features

Shooting comfort is paramount with the Browning Citori CX. The Inflex Technology recoil pad significantly reduces recoil, pulling the comb away from your face to minimize discomfort and allow for rapid follow-up shots. The 3-position trigger and inertia-style mechanism provide a customizable and responsive shooting experience, adapting to your unique preferences. Additionally, the chrome-plated chambers and back-bored barrels resist corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance. With improved shot velocity and reduced recoil, the Browning Citori CX stands out as a leader in shotgun innovation.

The handsome stock is made of gloss oil-finished, Grade II American walnut with checkering on the grip and forend. Inflex Technology recoil pad pulls the comb down and away from the shooter’s face after the shot, creating greater comfort and allowing for faster follow-up shots. A 3-position trigger lets you set it in 1 of 3 positions to customize your finger-to-trigger reach. An inertia-style trigger uses recoil from the shot to quickly set the hammer for the following shot. Corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated chambers resist the toll thousands of shells can take on a gun, while the gun’s back-bored barrels deliver higher shot velocity, reduced recoil, and improved patterns. The blued barrels come topped with a vented, high-post floating rib equipped with an ivory bead sight and mid-bead for fast target acquisition. Comes with 3 Invector-Plus™ choke tubes (F, M, IC).

  • Versatile 60/40 point of impact
  • Graco adjustable comb
  • Gloss-finished, Grade II American walnut stock
  • Machined steel receiver with a polished, protective blued finish
  • Inflex Technology recoil pad
  • 3- position trigger
  • Inertia-style trigger
  • Chrome-plated chambers and back-bored barrels
  • Back-bored barrels deliver higher shot velocity
  • Ivory bead sight and mid-bead for fast target acquisition
  • Comes with 3 Invector-Plus choke tubes


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