New! Beretta BRX1 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle


New! Beretta BRX1 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

New! Beretta BRX1 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

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The Beretta BRX1 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle brings innovation and precision together in a sleek design. Its straight-pull bolt offers unparalleled speed and efficiency in manual repeating action. With features like ambidextrous controls, a crisp single-stage trigger with adjustable weights, and a threaded cold hammer-forged barrel, this rifle guarantees sub-MOA accuracy expected from Beretta.

The front receiver extension maintains your Picatinny rail, ensuring your scope remains in place during bolt and barrel swaps, facilitating faster zeroing checks during caliber changes. Its versatile platform allows for quick barrel, bolt, and magazine swaps, thanks to special bedding geometry that enhances accuracy.

The removable magazine, constructed from high-visibility orange polymer, securely locks in place with dual tabs. The ergonomic 3-position safety, mounted on the rear of the bolt, ensures intuitive operation. Adjustable length-of-pull and ergonomics provide tailored fitment for every shooter.

Overall, the Beretta BRX1’s revolutionary linear bolt and versatile design make it a standout addition to any rifle collection.

The removable magazine is a new design constructed from high-visibility orange polymer and locks in place securely with dual locking tabs. The 3-position safety is ergonomic and mounted on the rear of the bolt. Adjustable length-of-pull and adjustable ergonomics add ease of use and tailored fitment for the shooter. The linear bolt is a must-see and makes the Beretta BRX1 the perfect rifle to add to any collection.

  • Straight-pull, bolt-action operation
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Adjustable single-stage trigger
  • Threaded cold hammer-forged barrel
  • Fast barrel swaps and caliber changes
  • Interchangeable caliber design
  • Orange polymer magazine
  • 3-position safety
  • Adjustable length-of-pull
  • Adjustable ergonomics


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