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New! Barrett MRAD Bolt-Action Rifle – .300 Winchester Magnum – Black

New! Barrett MRAD Bolt-Action Rifle – .300 Winchester Magnum – Black

New! Barrett MRAD Bolt-Action Rifle - .300 Winchester Magnum - Black

Unmatched Precision with Fluted Barrel

Experience unparalleled accuracy with the Barrett ® MRAD ® Bolt-Action Rifle’s fluted barrel. Crafted to perfection, the fluted design enhances rigidity while dissipating heat efficiently. Each shot is a testament to precision, ensuring your target is never missed. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice shooter, the fluted barrel of the MRAD guarantees consistent performance, shot after shot.

Enhanced Comfort and Control with MOE Pistol Grip

Gain superior control and comfort with the MOE pistol grip of the Barrett ® MRAD ® Bolt-Action Rifle. Engineered for ergonomic excellence, this grip minimizes hand fatigue during extended shooting sessions, allowing for maximum focus on your target. With its textured surface and optimized angle, the MOE pistol grip provides a secure hold and enhances stability, empowering you to maintain accuracy with every shot.

Customizable Versatility with Adjustable Stock and Cheek Rest

Tailor your shooting experience to perfection with the adjustable stock and cheek rest of the Barrett ® MRAD ® Bolt-Action Rifle. Achieve optimal comfort and alignment by adjusting the stock to your preferred length of pull, ensuring a personalized fit for shooters of all sizes. Additionally, the adjustable cheek rest allows for precise alignment with your optic, enhancing sight picture consistency and overall shooting performance. Whether you’re in a prone position or shooting from a bench, the customizable features of the MRAD guarantee unparalleled versatility and comfort.

The fluted barrel and deliver rounds accurately and cool fast. You get a full adjustable stock and adjustable cheek riser. The stock folds for easier storage. The MRAD utilized a unique enclosed polymer bolt guide for super smooth and reliable operation. The aluminum monolithic upper is compatible with M-LOK® so you can add any accessory wherever it best suits you. The Barrett MRAD comes with a match-grade trigger.

  • Fluted barrel
  • MOE pistol grip
  • Adjustable stock and cheek rest
  • Polymer bolt guide
  • Aluminum monolithic upper
  • M-LOK compatible
  • Match-grade trigger


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