Herter’s Rifled Slug Shotgun Shells – 12 Gauge


Due to increased demand, Cabela’s is limiting slugs and buckshot ammunition that can be purchased to 5 boxes per item.



Herter’s™ Rifled Slug Shotgun Shells are loaded with heavy, large-diameter slugs, offering maximum velocities that thump deer, bear, and hogs with true knock-down power. These Foster-style slugs feature rifled exteriors, with hollow-bases that expand rapidly against the bore for a tight fit and improved spin. Herter’s rifled slug ammo is constructed with premium high-brass hulls and components to ensure reliable ignition and consistent velocities.

  • Heavy slugs driven at maximum velocities
  • Foster-style rifled exteriors
  • Premium high-brass hulls
Cartridge or Gauge. 12 Gauge
Model Number. HRT12RS
Grain 1 oz
Velocity (fps) 1600 Rifled
Bullet Type HP Slug
Quantity 10 Rounds


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