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GLOCK G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

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GLOCK G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

GLOCK G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

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Unmatched Precision with Every Shot

Experience unparalleled accuracy and precision with the innovative GLOCK ┬« G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol. Engineered with the revolutionary GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB), this pistol ensures each shot hits its mark with absolute certainty. Whether you’re honing your skills at the range or relying on pinpoint accuracy in the field, the GMB delivers consistent performance, shot after shot. Elevate your shooting experience and dominate your targets with unmatched precision.

Total Control, Minimal Recoil

Master control like never before with the GLOCK G44’s low recoil design. Chambered for the .22-caliber round, this pistol provides a remarkably smooth shooting experience, allowing for rapid follow-up shots and enhanced accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting your journey, the G44’s minimal recoil ensures total control, empowering you to shoot with confidence and precision.

Versatile Design for Every Hand

Experience superior comfort and adaptability with the GLOCK G44’s compact and ergonomic design. Engineered to accommodate almost any hand size, this pistol features backstrap adaptability, ensuring a personalized fit and optimal grip for every shooter. From seasoned professionals to first-time enthusiasts, the G44’s versatile design guarantees a comfortable and secure shooting experience for all.

The G44 comes equipped with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) for top-notch accuracy and repeatable precision. The Safe Action® system boasts 3 automatic independently-operating safeties that provide consistent trigger pulls. Adjustable rear sights. Includes two 10-round magazines.
Manufacturer model #: 119218.

  • Chambered for the .22-cal. round
  • Low recoil for total control
  • Hybrid steel-polymer slide
  • GLOCK Marksman Barrel for maximum accuracy
  • Perfect for almost any hand size
  • 3 automatic independently-operating safeties
  • Adjustable rear sights
  • Includes two 10-round magazines


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