FN 5.7 x 28mm Polymer Tip Handgun Ammo



FN 5.7 x 28mm Polymer Tip Handgun Ammo

FN 5.7 x 28mm Polymer Tip Handgun Ammo

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Precision Engineered for Superior Performance

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of FN ® 5.7 x 28mm Polymer Tip Handgun Ammo, meticulously crafted for those who demand unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Each round is engineered with a 40-grain, polymer-tipped projectile, ensuring rapid expansion and deadly precision. Whether you’re honing your skills at the range or competing at the highest level, this ammo delivers the consistency and performance you need to excel. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – elevate your shooting experience with FN®.

High-Velocity Power with Minimal Ricochet

When it comes to power and safety, FN ® 5.7 x 28mm Handgun Ammo stands out from the rest. Featuring a powerful muzzle velocity, this ammunition ensures your shots are swift and impactful. The advanced propellant load propels each bullet with impressive speed, reducing the risk of ricochet and enhancing overall safety. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of shooting activities, from precise target practice to dynamic competitions. Trust in the high-performance power of FN® to keep you on target every time.

Versatility for Every Shooting Adventure

FN ® 5.7 x 28mm Polymer Tip Handgun Ammo is not just about power and precision – it’s also about versatility. Designed to excel in multiple shooting scenarios, this ammo is perfect for target shooting, competitive events, and even hunting. The rapid-expanding polymer tip ensures maximum impact and lethality, making it a reliable choice for hunters seeking effective results. With the manufacturer model #: SS197SR, you’re guaranteed a high-quality product that meets rigorous standards. Discover the flexibility and reliability of FN® ammo for all your shooting adventures.

Its powerful muzzle velocity keeps ricochet to a minimum. Great for target shooting, competitions, or hunting.
Manufacturer model #: SS197SR.

  • Polymer tip design – rapid expansion, deadly accuracy
  • Powerful muzzle velocity
  • Minimal ricochet


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