Eley High Velocity Hollow Premium 22 LR Rec Pak 300 Rds



High Velocity Hollow

22 LR

38 GR




ELEY high velocity hollow is the first and only black .22LR rimfire hunting cartridge. The patented oxidisation process of the blackened brass case enhances accuracy by providing a more consistent propellant and primer burn by optimising the contact point between case and bullet.

Our scientific studies with ELEY edge and ELEY force (both featuring black cases) have proven the oxidised finish increases friction between the case and projectile. This regulates and controls the force required to eject the bullet, increasing ballistic consistency and accuracy whist stabilising the projectile.

The oxidised case reduces the inherent instability caused by supersonic speeds, another reason why ELEY have chosen the black case for ELEY high velocity hollow. You can use a ballistic chronograph, like the Magnetospeed v3, to see how fast the bullet can travel.

ELEY high velocity hollow guarantees world class accuracy, penetration and expansion from the low antimony soft lead alloy bullet. Each shot delivers a lethal blow to vermin such as prairie dogs, gophers, rabbits and squirrels. It is the perfect round for hunters and pest controllers who need maximum velocity without compromising on accuracy.

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