Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Field Over/Under Shotgun


Finish: Blued


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The Beretta® 686 Silver Pigeon I Field Over/Under Shotgun has improved features over previous models to enhance both functionality and style. The steel receiver is embellished with a laser-engraved floral pattern and the prominent Beretta logo, which offers just enough relief to also enhance your grip when carrying the gun afield. The select, oil-finished walnut buttstock and forend feature finely cut checkering to provide a solid grip in any weather. Steelium Optima Bore® HP barrels feature extended forcing cones that work in unison with Optima Choke® HP choke tubes to provide consistently uniform patterns with all types of loads including steel shot. (28 gauge and .410 bore models are fitted with traditional Beretta barrels and Mobil Choke® tubes.) A 6×6 vent rib has non-reflective checkering, and a traditional steel front bead. The low-profile receiver on the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Field gives you the speed and enhanced point-ability needed for hunting fast moving targets. Recoil is directed straight rearward to the shooter’s shoulder instead of up into the shooter’s face, allowing rapid target and sight acquisition for the second shot. A Microcore recoil pad absorbs recoil, and doesn’t interfere when bringing the butt to your shoulder. The thumb operated safety/barrel selector switch enables you to choose which barrel to fire first, depending on the loads or the choke tubes. The Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Field Over/Under Shotgun balances perfectly, shoulders effortlessly, and swings smoothly, making it a serious hunting shotgun, as well as a highly functional work of art. Includes: 5 flush, Optima HP tubes (F, IM, M, IC, C).
  • Select walnut stock w/finely cut checkering
  • Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels
  • Optima Choke HP choke tubes
  • Laser-engraved floral receiver
  • Tang safety/barrel selector
  • Microcore recoil pad
  • Low-profile receiver


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